I thought I would share a new electronic business card idea that I picked up from a good friend of mine. This works great for all sorts of folks who live on their phones for business communications.

Several good things are going on here with this E-card idea.

What better way to have a great first impression than by talking directly to your prospect with and E-Card. It gives them a great idea of who you are right away.

Now you can leave the office without rummaging around for your business cards as this E-Card can live as a link on your phone that you can send to anyone simply by texting, or emailing them the link. No more trying to send huge video files. Just send the link instead.

You no longer have to have business cards printed. Send a pixel instead of a tree. Go Green with an E-Card.

The E-Card combines your audio message with a couple of video clips of you and a few still photos that illustrate your products or services. It’s the perfect way to make a great first impression.

The best part of the E-Card are the customizable Call to Action buttons that are included at the end of the video. Have a look at the card I made for one of our local realtors to see how this card might be able to add value to your business communications.