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Garden Photography

Fuller Gardens in Rye, NH is a great place to practice your garden photography techniques.

Be sure to use a sturdy tripod and wait for calm day so that the wind does not disturb the flowers too much.

Overcast days are really the best as far as a good soft light will be present at all times. I also carry a diffusion panel in the event that I am working on a bright sunny day.

Using a good 100mm Macro lens will give you some distance to your subject while still allowing you to get in close for the details. And a cable release or wireless trigger will help ensure additional sharpness by reducing possible camera shake when pressing the shutter button manually.

Patience is another tool to bring along. If you want bees or insects on your flowers it will take some time for them to land in just the right spot.

Have fun and enjoy the show that only Mother Nature can provide.