For a long time I have loved the colors and joy that Sunflowers bring to this world. Always smiling as they sway in the breeze, and brightening up the landscape. I have collected a few treasured images of Sunflowers over the years, and have now launched a website to share those images in the hopes that you may feel the same way that I do about “Sunnies”.


Perfect for your home, office, or as gifts for other Sunflower aficionados you will find Wall Clocks and Square prints that can be ordered from the images at

Clocks are available in 8″ Round Aluminum, or 11″ Hardboard both with Glossy finish and included clock hardware.

Prints range in size from 5″x5″ to 36″x36″ in Paper, Rolled Canvas, or Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

Here is to hoping you have a great “Sunnie” day.